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Ascending To The Valley


The elevation here in south-central Kentucky is just over 1,300ft.  While this altitude is nothing to outright dismiss, it is hardly on par with abundance of 5,000+ heights common to the western portions of the country I am more accustomed to.

In the absence of elevation to ascend, a lot of hiking seems to instead descend into valleys and gorges.

And so, we venture into the belly of the beast.





Lushy Green In The Bluegrass State


The thick, lush tree canopy high above ensures the area is wet, green, and beautiful. The air is cool, but not cold. Countless varieties of wild mushrooms grow uninhibited. There is a surreal, almost magical feeling out here.

The trails are slick and technical; the descents sketchy.

Damn, it is good to be out of the city and in the woods rolling on two wheels.