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Nashville Fairgrounds


No one is going to claim the soon to be demolished Nashville fairgrounds is a beautiful place.

But if your plans – like ours did – include conveniently wandering this very cool city while eating your way through numerous hotspots, these dumpy racetrack sites overlooking turn-four do not disappoint.

Pleasantly Surprised

eef10-12725024_1666000243624837_1756870927_n Self promoted as “The Last Great Resort”, Sportsmans RV park is quaint and super chill.

Situated steps from the harbor, this has been a great place to watch commercial fishermen, Coast Guard boats, and whale watching tour boats (hoping to catch glimpse of whale migrations) come and go throughout the day.

Yes, it’s still an RV park, but unlike so many other private parks, this place is about as laid back as one will find and the staff here could not be nicer; a refreshing change of pace for sure.  And while we are still incredibly bummed that state parks in the area remain closed due to flooding, this park has been a pleasant surprise.

Oh, and there is no shortage of fresh seafood … literally off the boat.

Noyo Harbor


Tonight we crash at a small campground steps from Noyo Harbor. Movie aficionados will recall Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell sailing out of this harbor at the end of their (classic) movie Overboard. These days the harbor is basically a staging place for crab fishermen.