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Mental Therapy


It’s been a particularly hectic work week and I was in desperate need to clear my head fast.

Fortunately we are camping in an area known for phenomenal riding, so I awoke early today and spent a few hours on the bike consumed in a network of trails that I could otherwise easily explore for days.

Just what I needed.

Quick Trip to Washington DC

This week Kelly held down the fort while I was away on a business trip in/around Washington DC.  Traveling from Brookings, Oregon was a bit more complicated than I would have preferred, but thanks to inflight wi-fi, I was able to stay productive on two of three flights and even follow the March Madness tournament games via ESPN.


Arriving to Portland in the rain – first of three flights

Like most of my work trips, I didn’t have a lot personal time, but following my last day in the office (Thursday), I did manage to sneak into the district and walk for a few hours.

Before I knew it, my trip was over and it was time to return home.


Dusk at the Washington Monument


Thomas Jefferson Memorial


The White House


Departing Portland – final of three flights



Room With A View

Yesterday I spent all day flying from San Francisco to Washington DC for a quick work trip.  It was a long day of travel, but at least I have sufficient airline status that I can frequent the American Airlines lounges along the way and use inflight wifi for free.  Combined, these little perks allow for a mostly productive day while cruising at 30,000 feet.

I also have “elite” status with Hilton and Hyatt hotels – a sign that I spend too much time away from my own bed.  The hotels love to market certain perks associated with status … one being upgraded rooms.  Well today I awoke in a Hyatt Regency hotel – in an upgraded room no less, to this million dollar view of a mall parking lot.





Preevning … those precious 2-3 hours between the end of my work day, and start of my work evening.  Also a perfect time to sneak in a ride.