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Preevning … those precious 2-3 hours between the end of my work day, and start of my work evening.  Also a perfect time to sneak in a ride.



I arrived to London this morning just as the city was awaking.  I’m Halfway to home.


Wandering the streets of New Delhi today I found myself taking respite in City Forest Hauzrani.  One of the few tranquil spots I’ve come across in this otherwise hectic city.  The park also offers shelter for dozens of stray dogs.

28 Hours

Nearly 28 hours ago I left San Fransisco to fly half way around the world to India.  A week from now I will repeat the process, but in reverse.

LA Sunrise

Work brings me to Los Angeles for a few days of meetings.  Pictured above is Today’s sunrise as I was standing from my hotel room balcony.  I was lucky enough to catch great colors – the iPhone camera simply does not do justice.

Oh, and LA is still one of my least favorite cities.

Out To Lunch

Mountain biking over lunch hour.  I can always eat later.IMG_0958



Thankful For These Two