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Posts from the ‘In the Moment’ Category

Pizza Party

We’ve been camping with @Aluminarium for the past week and last night we hosted them for pizza.  Despite Brian’s best attempt to over-serve me tequila, cast iron pizzas in the cozy Airstream oven was a success.  Always good times with these two.

First Time Snow

A first for us today – we awoke to find overnight snows had blanketed the airstream. via Instagram

Comfy Curtis

@aluminarium Curtis … determined to find comfort on Lilly’s much too small bed. via Instagram

Walnut Canyon National Monument

Just outside of Flagstaff is Walnut Canyon National Monument. From 1100 to 1250 the Sinagua – a pre-Columbian cultural group, lived in cliff dwellings which litter these canyon walls. via Instagram


Shit, shower, & shave – a small win during my long trip home. via Instagram

Soaring High

En route to England, up high above the clouds somewhere over the The North Sea. via Instagram

Cultural Differences

I’m currently in New Delhi, India … and this being my fourth visit in nine months, I’m starting to notice trends and other subtle nuances.One thing which strikes me as being very different here versus the U.S. is the approach to public safety. Things I would very rarely see in the states can be very commonplace here. A simple case in point … this photo of a re-purposed storage room in my office. Because power is unreliable in New Delhi, most businesses – including my employer, maintain onsite back-up power source(s). For my company, the solution consists of a large bank of batteries, inverters, and chargers hard-wired into the building’s electrical system.

The lack of basic safety features with our set-up is hard for me to grasp. It’s worth mentioning that nothing about this space is illegal, in violation of code, or even uncommon. My sense is no one gives this room a second thought but me.

Still, every time I walk past this room without a door, I cannot help but worry. via Instagram