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Back To The RV Park

Pushing east into Minnesota this weekend, we’ve arrived to the Minneapolis metro area.  All of my immediate family lives in the area, so this visit affords lots of time with everyone.  I also have a number of friends in the area, so I should be able to catch-up with many of them as well while Kelly and I are here.

While it will be great to be so close to everyone, the downside of this visit is finding ourselves in a massive RV park (I’m guessing there are about 100+ rigs here).  As one would expect with a place of this size, there is no shortage of silly rules to navigate – each a potential landmine in itself, as park staff whiz about in golf carts looking for anyone who might dare breach the policy guide.

Our travel route brings us to Colorado once we leave Minneapolis … something tells me the vast and beautiful bookdocking and a lack of accompanying rules will be a very welcome relief following three weeks in this park.

Pesky Bugs

We’ve been settled at Big Sioux Recreation Area in Brandon, SD for the past few days and I continue to be impressed with South Dakota state parks – clean, well maintained, and offer spacious sites.

Kelly and I spent a lot of our youth in this area, so our time here has been busy catching-up with friends and relatives.  I must say it’s been nice to see so many people.

In other news … the heat has broken here in the southeast part of the state and now the bugs are out in full force.  Having been cooped-up for too many days in air conditioning, I was anxious to work outside while enjoying this nice campsite (electric only).  So, in an attempt to level playing field with pesky bugs I purchased this screen room last night ($45 at Walmart).

Because I wanted something highly packable, it is not perfect and only time will tell if this cheap product can withstand the rigor of regular use, but for now it seems to be doing its job helping to keep the bugs away.


Road life as telecommuters is full of compromises.  For example, today is a travel day and we had to check out of the campground well before the end of our work day.   This being the case, we drove into town (Chamberlain) and found a shady spot under a tree within a nice quaint residential area.

As you can see in the picture above, Kelly is comfortable inside the air-conditioned truck conducting an interview while I sit in a lawn chair under a tree fending off unrelenting horse-fly attacks … which is nothing compared to the swamp-ass I seem to be developing in this humidity.

Continuing The Push Towards Minneapolis

Continuing our push east towards Minnesota, Kelly and I have paused in central South Dakota for the next 48 hours.  Our site, adjacent to the Missouri River overlooks the town of Chamberlain and provides a constant reminder that I hate Midwest summer humidity.

Right about now, I’d kill the cool air of the Pacific North West.


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