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Counting Down To Launch

For the past 12 months, Kelly and I have been patiently waiting for April-3. As each month passed, we cut it off the countdown list, knowing we had inched closer to our goal of becoming fully mobile full-timers. What started as long-term goal, is now only days away. Friday we leave Half Moon Bay and start our lives living on the road. We have a rough travel route over the next two years and only a few firm location commitments. Mainly, we will be wandering with purpose. from Instagram:

Improved Storage

Phase-1 of the bed slide storage solution I made this weekend. Two levels measuring 64” x 30” each. Phase-2 will be a bad-ass bike tray I build next weekend. from Instagram:

Sunrise Over The Pacific

Conventional wisdom says to visit the Pacific Ocean at sunset, but I’ll tell you this – the morning sunrise is pretty spectacular as well. from Instagram:

Tweaks To The Closet

Inspired by @advodna_dave, our airstream closet underwent a makeover this morning, raising the hanger bar nearly 14 inches. I’m amazed how much more useful space exists as a result for of this modification.

from Instagram:

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