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Glacier Snow


Initially, the trails were dry and free of snow as we ascended the mountain.  As we continued onward, small patches of snow and ice were easily avoided, until they were not.

At higher elevations, only the few trails with virtually no tree cover were free from snow, mud, and spring melt water crossings.  

While we had a GPS device aiding our navigation, the steep slopes and deep snow complicated things.  When it was time to navigate a descent through the dense network of trees, we were wet, regularly postholing to our knees, and were forced to backtrack multiple times before a final glissade to dry land. 


All of this slowed our travels, but absolutely increased the fun factor.  And for a few hours, a group of us – all in our mid/upper 40’s, momentarily put our adult realities aside while childlessly reliving the joys of our youth.


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  1. Eugene Leonard & Sandra Lynne Martin & Captain James T. Kirk #


    If I would have been there I would have shown you how to ski down those slopes. Enjoy.


    June 23, 2018

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