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Reserving Judgement (for now)

Kelly and I hitched-up Mabel early this morning and set course due north.  On this eleven-day trip our destination is Washington – Bainbridge Island to be specific.  We plan to spend the Thanksgiving holiday in our former community, visiting and relaxing with friends.  We have not been back since relocating to California last October, and suffice it to say, we are both very excited to soon be back in our former stomping grounds.

The journey is not a short one, and at just over 900 miles each way, we will be spending lots of time in transit.  To ease the pain, we will be breaking this drive into chunks – our attempt to make those 900 miles a bit more tolerable.  We have an appointment on Monday in Eugene, so we’ve decided to take a few days in arriving.  Today we drove to one of our favorite Oregon communities – Ashland.  Roughly 430 miles from our base in Half Moon Bay, Ashland is a welcome oasis after an honest day of driving.  I’ve mentioned my love of this southern Oregon town before, so I have no problem “justifying” some rest time in this wonderful environment.

We’re here two nights (Fri & Sat) and wanted full hook-ups.  Per usual, Kelly managed the process of finding a suitable place to stay.  Our preferred State and County park campgrounds are closed for the season, something we had not anticipated, which left us scrambling a bit to find an alternate location.  The lone RV park we’ve stayed at before was not available, but we did secure accommodation at Jackson Wellsprings Campground.

Photo courtesy of Zork Magazine

Turns out that Jackson Wellsprings is a bit of an interesting find … more than a measly RV park.  Kelly and I have, according to the property website, stumbled upon a “30 acre natural hot springs spa and events center” with resources such as “the WellSprings spa, event facilities and gardens which offer a healing environment to relax, enjoy and gather.”

Not content being just another RV park, the website continues, adding “WellSprings is transforming into an education and healing center and eco-resort, replete with daily classes and weekend workshops that encourage optimum human health and cultivate one’s interconnectedness with self and Nature”.

So basically, this place is for cuckoos.

Exhibit-A … not two minutes upon pulling into our spot, a guy wandered over to introduce himself.  His name was Green Light (yes, Green Light) and mentioned that he was making wild mushrooms for dinner.

Completely looking the part of a homeless person, had Green Light not walked out of the fairly nice RV next to ours, I would have assumed he wandered over from beneath a bridge.  Our total conversation was less than a minute in duration and to be honest, I wasn’t entirely sure if he was offering to sell me drugs or simply wanted to make pleasant conversation.

It was dark when we arrived so I’ve not yet gotten what I consider to be a “good look” around the place.  There is a mix of newer and dumpy RVs all around.  Most have enough new-age clutter accumulated, they could pass as the modern-day Zen film set of Sanford and Son.  All of which leads me to believe most of my current neighbors are long-term residents and probably smoke a lot of cannabis – medicinal or otherwise.

Overall, my initial (albeit brief) impressions are this:  we just might be parked at the intersection of Burning Man and the land of Aquarius.  If you seek such a place, this park is right up your alley.  Further, based upon this set of photos I found on Flickr, I’m expecting the park to be full of really nice people who just might be (half) bat-shit crazy.

By the way, there is an Olympic swim pool available for guests.  Clothing is optional after 6pm.

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  1. Anonymous #

    Hilarious Burns!! Give my best to Green Light! Have a wonderful and safe trip – I sure wish I’d be seeing you all next week. Happy Thanksgiving! Anno

    November 17, 2012
  2. Hi!
    Found your blog via another blogger. I follow way too many to remember which one. Just loved your post this morning! Too funny. I have to say, “Welcome to Oregon.” Enjoy your trip back home and Happy Thanksgiving. Safe travels!

    November 17, 2012
  3. Anonymous #


    Green Light sounds like he gives off ambivalent feelings——-interest and SCARY. Might have considered not obeying the stop sign there!
    But, I know you can handle it. Have a great trip.
    When I win the lottery——-I’ll buy you a home in Ashland!


    November 17, 2012
  4. Greenlight is one of my summer school teachers from the age of 14
    He has more gemstones in his trailer worth much more than your entire net worth. You passed up a dinner with him? You are a fool.

    September 4, 2017
  5. Have you yet realized you are a fool passing up dinner with Greenlight?

    September 4, 2017

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